Microsoft Store: DVD Movie Player & Video Player for FREE

DVD Movie Player & Video Player Free

DVD Media Player and Movie Video Player for All DVD Formats is the coolest sound and video player that you will go over on windows.
You can straightforwardly play any online connection, which is the reason this application is not the same as some other player coming up. Our dazzling media player functions as a live film player and sound player. System spilling accessible. You can give any URL.
  • Video impacts and Audio Effects with full control
  • Audio Equalizer completely useful
  • Slow and quick forward your video tracks
  • Video Player: Free player that supports every single prominent configuration
  • Subtitles: Enable/impair or select the accessible caption tracks
  • External Subtitles: Media player likewise enables clients to include outside caption
  • Network Stream: Allows system gushing by giving a URL
  • Screen catching is accessible
Supported OS: Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher, Xbox One
Price:  $299.99
link : here

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